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Why music festivals are the absolute best! + experiences from Reading festival.

Okay not gonna lie, winter is really dragging on this year. I mean January honestly felt like a year in itself. Bearing in mind this is coming from someone living in England, which i really feel may have the most depressing climate on this planet apart from perhaps the arctic circle.

However it is now February 13th which means those of us living in the northern hemisphere are looking forward to summer. When summer comes so do the festivals. As a 17 year old obviously i don’t have much experience. However last summer I was lucky enough to go to Reading festival with my friends.

This I realise now, was my first real taste of freedom in my whole life. Being totally unsupervised for 3 days. I think it’s fair to say I have lived quite a sheltered life and was slightly apprehensive to go to reading if i’m honest. It’s not all lovely, sparkly and sunny like coachella. Absolutely not, I mean we’re talking coming back to your mud soaked tent to find two strangers from Ireland having sex ON, not even in, your tent. I had heard the stories of you know death, rape, people burning tents on the last night etc and you know, wasn’t over the moon about going. However was explained to that it was a “right of passage” and blahblahblah.

Me and my two friends set off with masses of luggage in the burning heat (like 24 degrees but for someone from England thats pretty tropical) and got on the train unable to sit anywhere because of the mass of other people also carrying tents etc. Once we arrived we headed to our camp to find the rest of our friends, who honestly were all pissed off at us for being late so that wasn’t a great start and set up camp, slightly on top of this other randos tent. We literally couldn’t have been more squished we could barely move, i had to forget visions of me and my friends sitting round in a circle round a fire or whatever i had hoped for as i could barely see my feet when i looked down.

However we were in a good location, being able to walk to the music without it being a hassle whilst not being to close to loud D and B or whatever.

We also had a convenient bush right next to our tents. This we found out was useful to use as a toilet, this may sound rank but quite frankly the toilets at reading are like something from horror movie. Honestly have to be seen to be believed.

The heat, business and smell of the place was really quite overwhelming for me and honestly the first night of reading will not go down in history as my favorite night ever. My friends and I  got offered drugs i had absolutely no idea how to take or even what they were. Bearing in mind i literally thought i was the most rogue legend that had ever walked the planet for sneaking in a minuscule amount of vodka in a suncream bottle, drugs hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Honestly wasn’t the most inspiring start.

Also wasn’t too pleasant when our neighbors decided to throw my camping chair into a bush as an act of rebellion against us pitching our tent on top of theirs

The first nights sleep wasn’t too rosy either. I had never been so cold in my life and spent the entire night shivering, honestly thinking I had taken something by accident and was about to die. Didn’t get much better either when the calming rain sound i began to hear turned out to be someone peeing on the tent.

From what I have said Reading may have started to sound like hell on earth. And those were my exact thoughts when I rang my mother and asked her to come and collect me on friday morning. I hadn’t even heard any music.

However things started to look up when the music began. Reading is great because generally the line ups are pretty great. The act that really turned the whole experience round for me was two door cinema club. Oh my god if you haven’t heard it, undercover martyn is honestly the best song ever. Live, it was even better. I can’t even describe how amazing it was to sing along to it in the sunshine with my best friends. It was unreal.

After this experience Reading started to impress me a bit more. There were many other acts which were also insane but it would take a very long time to write about them all so i’m just doing the highlights. Fat boy slim was another memorable occasion although not really for the right reasons.

First of all i honestly thought i was going to faint and die in a mosh pit trampled to death by sweaty men. Secondly this was the first time I properly lost my friends and it was horrendous. Like generally I felt so helpless cause couldn’t phone anyone as they were all in mosh pits etc and just felt so alone. So if you go to a festival make sure you have some kind of plan for when you lose your friends.

We did not, however I was lucky and literally bumped into them a few minutes later. But it was scary. All the music inside the arena ends at about 11 and so you know I thought bed time. But oh no, on to the silent disco.

I am not kidding silent discos are honestly the best thing to have been invented. They are so genius. It’s great because there are two channels so you can pick which one you want depending on the music which is so cool. We ended up leaving at 4:00 when it closed meaning we were honestly in there for 4 hours or so which not gonna lie is pretty impressive.

The next few days were pretty similar. However honestly I think saturday night was the best night of my entire life.

This was generally just because flume was honestly the best thing i think i have ever witnessed. I honestly can’t describe how amazing it was. If you want to know, go and watch his reading set on youtube however obviously it doesn’t do it justice.

Anyway the point is I went into reading actually hating it. I very much disliked the first 12 hrs and thought I was going to hate the whole thing. However it didn’t take long for me to realise how insane it really was.

Festivals also help you make such good memories and also help your relationships with your friends (obvs this is cheesy). Where else are you gonna be able to make memories including angry women throwing chairs, weird fake fart noises, baked beans, 5 am pizza, mosh pits and so on. You and your friends also get closer because you share all these memories and also look after each other when someone inevitably needs help.

After leaving reading my friends and I have literally spent the time reminiscing or planning our next festival. And I think this just shows how great festivals are, It’s honestly just loads of people wanting to have a good time and listen to music, which in this day and age I think is a really positive thing.



Trip to NYC and visiting best book shop in the world.

This week I was lucky enough to visit NYC! A city I absolutely love and I had the best time. This is a run down of what i got up to, and a few recommendations if you ever happen to be visiting yourself!


Day 1


So this barely counts as a day since we arrived at the hotel at 9:30 pm and barely had any of the day left. We had booked reservations at Tao a restaurant in uptown New York a few blocks from our hotel naïvely thinking after a long flight we would be ready to go to a restaurant so late in the evening. However once we landed the time distance got the better of us and we were shattered. I was extremely keen to curl up in bed and watch netflix and eat food. However luckily some members of my family were feeling more adventurous and forced us to leave the hotel and go to Tao.

And I’m glad they did!

We entered to the sound of booming music and loud chatter everywhere. Having just got off the plane and not changed I felt extremely underdressed compared to the glam New Yorkers surrounding us. This aside though the whole experience was amazing. The food was insane, we only ate sushi, and the atmosphere was really cool. It was the perfect start to a New York trip because the cool music and loud voices really encompossed the vibe of New York.

However the food is really expensive, but for a special occasion Tao definitely deserves a visit despite the sky high New York prices.


Day 2


We woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to the highline.


A park built on an abandoned railway line on the west side between 31st and 14th or about that. It’s a really cool thing to do, very different to the normal touristy things you might do in NY. It has a really cool vibe and shows different side of New York to the central park / times square side.


There are also lots of cool photo opportunities, which sadly isn’t shown in my photos as photography isn’t really my forte.

However I would definitely recommend, especially in the summer months, to go early in the morning as A. it gets unbearably hot and B. It can get very crowded.

But this is a must and you may even catch a glimpse of the statue of liberty.

Chelsea Market


If you walk the highline you will end up near Chelsea market which is on about W 14    street (sorry for my appalling knowledge in geography, google maps is everything tbh). This is the perfect place to grab a coffee after a highline walk and also a must for foodies.

For coffee ninth street espresso is apparently really good for serious coffee drinkers however it looked a bit intense for my mum so we opted instead for sarabeths who did really nice flat whites.

My favorite food store in Chelsea market is the fat witch bakery.


My photo isn’t great but I can honestly say they do the best brownies on the planet my favorite is the caramel brownie its insane.

Another cool thing in chelsea market was Posman book store. I made a few purchases and most weren’t books. They also sell really cool prints, stationary etc.


I did get a book which I’m excited to read called ‘nice is just a place in France’.

Union Square and Strand book store

We headed over to Union square.

We went to the strand bookstore which is famous for having 18 miles of books. It was the coolest place especially for book lovers. If you are a reader you really must go as it has such a cool feel to it and i always find something when i’m in there.

I bought Althea and Oliver which it recommended to people who enjoyed Eleanor and Park.

We also went to zumiez which was a really cool skate store which sells all kind of skate clothes like Thrasher etc. and would recommend that aswell.



Day 3

We visited Soho for some shopping and then headed over to Greenwich Village to try and spot some filming locations.

First we went to Washington square park which was awesome and had really cool people watching. We then tried to find somewhere for coffee and stumbled upon Joes.


This place was so cool and I attempted an artsy latte photo which kind of failed but whatever.

I would definitely recommend as i think this was the best coffee I had in NY and I felt like i was in friends because of the location. It was also on Waverly place which was a throwback to those Disney days!


We thought we would head down to Brooklyn bridge for some photo ops etc.


It was really cool and had some amazing views of the city.


I definitely felt like I was in a movie pretty much the whole way.

In the afternoon for some culture on our shopping filled trip we headed to Moma. This was so cool and Moma I have to say was definitely one of the best galleries I have ever been to despite being surrounded by amazing galleries in London.


We saw loads of famous art including some of my favorite artists Hopper and Pollock.

I would recommend going in despite the admission fee which you don’t get in London


Last but not least if your visiting NY you must go to sprinkles cupcakes.

I got a sprinkles sundae which was AMAZING it was red velvet and cookie dough and was honestly the nicest thing.


Anyway that was my trip to NY and a few recommendations I had if your ever going there yourself.



Do belly button piercings hurt?


Okay, small disclaimer absolutely none of these images are mine as to be honest I don’t think that would make this post particularly aesthetically pleasing. However I do have a belly button piercing that I recently obtained and I have to say I love it.

I had wanted one for a while but was slightly worried it would be considered ‘tacky’ etc. and wasn’t about to take the plunge. However after I finished my exams I decided to you know YOLO it and get it done, (I could also take it out whenever). However the whole experience wasn’t as smooth as one might have hoped.

The experience

So after getting turned down from a high end boutique my kind mother had agreed to take me to for not being 18, my post GCSE adrenaline was beginning to waver and i thought, you know maybe its fate, (let’s remember i was also terrified). But then I imagined myself looking like this;


And my friend and I took ourselves off to the charmingly named “Kinky ink” a place where I thought age may not matter as much. I honestly felt as though I was in a trance as I conversed with the frankly terrifying tattooed skinhead at the door and explained i was 16 and needed this piercing for summer when he was unsure of my age. I managed to get an appointment and waited feeling sick whilst a man next to me was crying at the pain of his tattoo he was getting which wasn’t helping to be honest.

I was ushured in to a back room and my piercer showed me the jewelry which looked like this.


I was slightly confused as you know I thought it may look more like this;


But you know fashions change, I thought to myself, whilst my anxiety increased due to the fact i was now sure the piecer was a lunatic due to the fact whatever I told myself the jewelry was clearly wrong!!!

He then proceeded to ask me to remove my top. Which added to my confusion, I mean surely i just needed to raise my top up? At this point he must of sensed something was wrong as he explained “You need to for the nipple piercing”

It was at this point I thought I might die.


Like honestly the most awkward thing. They thought i wanted nipple not navel. Woo positive start.

The pain level

Anyway after some awkward laughter we moved past the whole nipple situation (kind of) and moved on to the process.

I’m no stranger to piercings but was terrified about this. However having had my cartilage as well I can safely say Belly button piercings pain wise are absolutely fine in comparison. I honestly didn’t believe he had done it when he said he was finished.

I also wouldn’t say I have a really high pain tolerance so if pain is the reason you don’t want it, don’t let that stop you!


If your worried you think you will regret it, remember you can always take it out and your only young once. Your more likely to regret the things you didn’t do than the things you did. Go for it!







Top 5 TV shows you need to watch as a teenage girl.

Life as a teenage girl in 2017 is tricky stuff. Dealing with public exams, friendship issues and just general teenage angst means that we desperately need some escapism. If your lucky enough like me to have a friend who ‘shares’ their netflix with you there are some great TV programs out there to obsess over to help deal with the stress of being a teenager.

5. Teen Wolf


I was slightly apprehensive to start this as generally I am not a huge fantasy fan. However the prospect of seeing Dylan O’Briens face more often was a compelling reason to start. And I loved it. The teen wolf plot isn’t the most inspiring but the amount of attractive men on the screen wholly makes up for it. Dylan O’Brien is also hilarious and adds a sense of humor to the show which would otherwise be more serious. Isaac Lahey is also a welcome addition to the cast (see below..).


4. Skins


Skins is the more gritty option on the list. A show about the lives of teenagers living in Bristol in the UK it provides a more realistic option to the privileged teens in the other programs on this list. It deals with real issues like anorexia and depression that               other programs may not deal with in such an open way. Each episode focuses on a different character and their life which allows the viewer to really get a sense of the character and understand their behavior as we can see whats going on in their lives.



3. The O.C


The O.C is perfect escapism as it takes place in Newport Beach, one of the richest areas of California, where most of us can only dream of living which makes it exciting to watch. However it also shows the perils of excess and proves that money certainly doesn’t mean happiness. The show also contains Seth Cohen who honestly I  think saves the show by being hilarious and also happens to be easy on the eye.



2. Gossip Girl


Okay The O.C may be good escapism but Gossip Girl is the ultimate escapism. Focusing on ‘the fabulous lives of Manhattans elite’ Gossip Girl is really able to show you how the other half live. It focuses on a group of friends living in the Upper East side and the mysterious blogger who documents their gossip filled lives. Scandal after scandal Gossip Girls plot is engrossing if not a tad unrealistic. It makes you really care for the characters and their relationships for example – Spoiler alert!- Chuck and Blair!!



1. Skam


Unlike the other shows on this list Skam isn’t on Netflix. It also isn’t in English. However you can find subtitled videos on Daily motion, so all is not lost. Each season  of Skam focuses on a new character attending a high school in Oslo. It tackles issues such as homophobia and islamaphobia which are such prominent issues in todays society. It is also proved to be true after watching a few episodes of Skam that Scandinavian people really are some of the most beautiful in the world *cough* Penetrator Chris. However Skam is definately not a superficial show has some incredibly insightful moments generally to do with Sana a muslim girl living in arguably the most western country in the world and Noora and avid feminist. Skams realness is why this comes top of the list and its excellent views on some of the most relevant issues in society today. Skams soundtrack is also insane. It features so many different artists from New Order to Desiigner and also some intriguing Norwegian rap.