Trip to NYC and visiting best book shop in the world.

This week I was lucky enough to visit NYC! A city I absolutely love and I had the best time. This is a run down of what i got up to, and a few recommendations if you ever happen to be visiting yourself!


Day 1


So this barely counts as a day since we arrived at the hotel at 9:30 pm and barely had any of the day left. We had booked reservations at Tao a restaurant in uptown New York a few blocks from our hotel naïvely thinking after a long flight we would be ready to go to a restaurant so late in the evening. However once we landed the time distance got the better of us and we were shattered. I was extremely keen to curl up in bed and watch netflix and eat food. However luckily some members of my family were feeling more adventurous and forced us to leave the hotel and go to Tao.

And I’m glad they did!

We entered to the sound of booming music and loud chatter everywhere. Having just got off the plane and not changed I felt extremely underdressed compared to the glam New Yorkers surrounding us. This aside though the whole experience was amazing. The food was insane, we only ate sushi, and the atmosphere was really cool. It was the perfect start to a New York trip because the cool music and loud voices really encompossed the vibe of New York.

However the food is really expensive, but for a special occasion Tao definitely deserves a visit despite the sky high New York prices.


Day 2


We woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to the highline.


A park built on an abandoned railway line on the west side between 31st and 14th or about that. It’s a really cool thing to do, very different to the normal touristy things you might do in NY. It has a really cool vibe and shows different side of New York to the central park / times square side.


There are also lots of cool photo opportunities, which sadly isn’t shown in my photos as photography isn’t really my forte.

However I would definitely recommend, especially in the summer months, to go early in the morning as A. it gets unbearably hot and B. It can get very crowded.

But this is a must and you may even catch a glimpse of the statue of liberty.

Chelsea Market


If you walk the highline you will end up near Chelsea market which is on about W 14    street (sorry for my appalling knowledge in geography, google maps is everything tbh). This is the perfect place to grab a coffee after a highline walk and also a must for foodies.

For coffee ninth street espresso is apparently really good for serious coffee drinkers however it looked a bit intense for my mum so we opted instead for sarabeths who did really nice flat whites.

My favorite food store in Chelsea market is the fat witch bakery.


My photo isn’t great but I can honestly say they do the best brownies on the planet my favorite is the caramel brownie its insane.

Another cool thing in chelsea market was Posman book store. I made a few purchases and most weren’t books. They also sell really cool prints, stationary etc.


I did get a book which I’m excited to read called ‘nice is just a place in France’.

Union Square and Strand book store

We headed over to Union square.

We went to the strand bookstore which is famous for having 18 miles of books. It was the coolest place especially for book lovers. If you are a reader you really must go as it has such a cool feel to it and i always find something when i’m in there.

I bought Althea and Oliver which it recommended to people who enjoyed Eleanor and Park.

We also went to zumiez which was a really cool skate store which sells all kind of skate clothes like Thrasher etc. and would recommend that aswell.



Day 3

We visited Soho for some shopping and then headed over to Greenwich Village to try and spot some filming locations.

First we went to Washington square park which was awesome and had really cool people watching. We then tried to find somewhere for coffee and stumbled upon Joes.


This place was so cool and I attempted an artsy latte photo which kind of failed but whatever.

I would definitely recommend as i think this was the best coffee I had in NY and I felt like i was in friends because of the location. It was also on Waverly place which was a throwback to those Disney days!


We thought we would head down to Brooklyn bridge for some photo ops etc.


It was really cool and had some amazing views of the city.


I definitely felt like I was in a movie pretty much the whole way.

In the afternoon for some culture on our shopping filled trip we headed to Moma. This was so cool and Moma I have to say was definitely one of the best galleries I have ever been to despite being surrounded by amazing galleries in London.


We saw loads of famous art including some of my favorite artists Hopper and Pollock.

I would recommend going in despite the admission fee which you don’t get in London


Last but not least if your visiting NY you must go to sprinkles cupcakes.

I got a sprinkles sundae which was AMAZING it was red velvet and cookie dough and was honestly the nicest thing.


Anyway that was my trip to NY and a few recommendations I had if your ever going there yourself.



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