Do belly button piercings hurt?


Okay, small disclaimer absolutely none of these images are mine as to be honest I don’t think that would make this post particularly aesthetically pleasing. However I do have a belly button piercing that I recently obtained and I have to say I love it.

I had wanted one for a while but was slightly worried it would be considered ‘tacky’ etc. and wasn’t about to take the plunge. However after I finished my exams I decided to you know YOLO it and get it done, (I could also take it out whenever). However the whole experience wasn’t as smooth as one might have hoped.

The experience

So after getting turned down from a high end boutique my kind mother had agreed to take me to for not being 18, my post GCSE adrenaline was beginning to waver and i thought, you know maybe its fate, (let’s remember i was also terrified). But then I imagined myself looking like this;


And my friend and I took ourselves off to the charmingly named “Kinky ink” a place where I thought age may not matter as much. I honestly felt as though I was in a trance as I conversed with the frankly terrifying tattooed skinhead at the door and explained i was 16 and needed this piercing for summer when he was unsure of my age. I managed to get an appointment and waited feeling sick whilst a man next to me was crying at the pain of his tattoo he was getting which wasn’t helping to be honest.

I was ushured in to a back room and my piercer showed me the jewelry which looked like this.


I was slightly confused as you know I thought it may look more like this;


But you know fashions change, I thought to myself, whilst my anxiety increased due to the fact i was now sure the piecer was a lunatic due to the fact whatever I told myself the jewelry was clearly wrong!!!

He then proceeded to ask me to remove my top. Which added to my confusion, I mean surely i just needed to raise my top up? At this point he must of sensed something was wrong as he explained “You need to for the nipple piercing”

It was at this point I thought I might die.


Like honestly the most awkward thing. They thought i wanted nipple not navel. Woo positive start.

The pain level

Anyway after some awkward laughter we moved past the whole nipple situation (kind of) and moved on to the process.

I’m no stranger to piercings but was terrified about this. However having had my cartilage as well I can safely say Belly button piercings pain wise are absolutely fine in comparison. I honestly didn’t believe he had done it when he said he was finished.

I also wouldn’t say I have a really high pain tolerance so if pain is the reason you don’t want it, don’t let that stop you!


If your worried you think you will regret it, remember you can always take it out and your only young once. Your more likely to regret the things you didn’t do than the things you did. Go for it!







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